Sunday, January 22, 2017

Created by Lefrohe           Art: Tamerlanelcruel


This is based on my science fiction novel the ‘Golden Age’, parts of which have been published on Pulptoon previously.  It centers on the alien introduced religion of ‘Sen’ –a female sensually feeding oneself to an alien to guarantee an eternal erotic bliss/orgy in the afterlife.  The story starts with humanity entering the galaxy and rapidly expanding across the universe.  In our encounters with aliens we come across a race with the ability to communicate with the dead (something they could prove by getting information from the dead that only the dead could know) the aliens convinced humanity that women could have an erotic eternity by feeding themselves to an alien for entertainment, basically the sacrificial act of giving her body to the alien for nourishment and the viewing pleasure of the audience guaranteed her eternal reward.  This, not surprisingly, resulted in both interest from young women and an outpouring of support from the potential audience.  This story is one illustrating how the Sen culture begins to impact human culture and is one of several from the section of the soon (December 2015?) to be completed book.  I would like to add a special thanks to Tamerlane for his excellent drawing and the work he put into making these turn out so well and true to my vision, it’s an honor to share these with you on his site.